We are now the exclusive Official Australian Stockist for OSIS+ Session Label

We are now the exclusive Official Australian Stockist for OSIS+ Session Label
December 12, 2014 Michael Johnson



Schwarzkopf OSIS+ is a range that I have championed since its inception (which I remember, which means I am ancient) and it has gone through some pretty exciting, and at some times embarrassing, changes over the years (OSIS+ Shape Up was one of these moments, oh and the shampoo + conditioner wasn’t exactly a high point either…).

When we opened The Shop I struggled with OSIS+. I just felt like it didn’t make the grade for the store because it didn’t match the standards of our brand with respect to packaging, technology and being on the pulse of fashion. Then, after Hair Expo 2014 saw the launch of the brand new OSIS+ Session Label, my decision was made for me! Evidence suggests that any brand that includes two hairsprays in a line of merely 6 products will have me unashamedly ecstatic (see the behind the scenes/red eye below for my hairspray and bristle brush antics…um do other products exist?):


My clients are sophisticated and fashion aware, and thanks to years of working backstage and being annoyed because products are only ever ‘workable…but with lots of hard work’ (thanks supermarket haircare fashion week sponsors), I am always on the hunt for simple ranges that work. Since we aren’t brand loyal I don’t have to stock the full range of a brand, so my search is always product type based, similar to say a beauty editor looking to announce a ‘best of’ list.

Also, I am constantly being shown pictures of magazine editorial shots and asking which products achieve those looks. I am sad to say that usually, in my editorial work anyway, most models can be styled with hairspray and MAYBE a very light pomade or styling clay. Usually all models for all hairstyles I prep with Sea Salt Spray. See below for samples of my work where only sea salt and hairspray are used:


Now knowing this, you will laugh when you look at the contents of the OSIS+ Session Label range, and will completely understand why I like it!

It is VERY RARE that I find a range, or sub-range, where I believe in every product they make, and since OSIS+ Session Label is only 6 products wide I guess I’m not really being overly out of character by loving all of them.

Check out the video and if you want me to run through how each of these products has a place in your bathroom and hair routine send me an email.