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Rahua is the name of a restorative hair oil that has its origins in the tribes of women of the Amazon, who used it for centuries to maintain their thick lustrous hair. When you buy Rahua hair products, you know that every product contains the rahua oil, and has been developed by New York celebrity colorist Fabian Lliguin, who originates from the region in Ecuador where the oil is harvested.

The powerful molecule inside Rahua hair products deeply penetrates into the hair’s cortex (inner layer) and bonds to the protein chain within, repairing the structure of the hair from the inside out – something that other oils (argan, linseed, flaxseed etc) just cannot do.

At The Ritualist, we believe in stocking innovative technologies, so we have been looking to buy Rahua hair products in for our clients for some time and we are pleased to announce that we are now importing the products directly from New York City. The whole range is 100% certified organic and brings a little bit of luxury to what is certainly a health and beauty product.

Buy Rahua hair products, your hair will love you for it!

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    Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask 200ml

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    A rich conditioning treatment designed to rejuvenate dull and damaged hair.
    $78.00 $73.00 inc.GST
    $78.00 $73.00 inc.GST

Why buy Rahua hair products?

Most people who buy Rahua have no idea how to pronounce it, and until recently we didn’t either!

It’s kind of important too, since Rahua, pronounced ‘ra-wa’, is not also the name of the brand but also its key ingredient. The Rahua oil is sourced from deep within the Amazon and has been used traditionally to tame the mane amongst the Quechua-Shaur tribe of South America . It is a rare oil that restores hair and is used in every single one of these stunning products.

We buy Rahua hair products in all the way from New York because it is a stand out in the organic sector of the industry. You can be confident that when you buy Rahua hair products they will deliver amazing results while being 100% natural, eco friendly and aromatherapeutic.

Plus, lets not forget, that a percentage of the sales when you buy Rahua from Amazon Beauty goes directly to preserving and protecting the Amazon Rainforest and its inhabitants. So not only are you helping your hair when you buy Rahua hair products, but the environment too and its not even 9am!