EVO Haircare delivers the best for the boys

EVO Haircare delivers the best for the boys
February 26, 2015 Michael Johnson
Perfect for those who loved Bed Head Manipulator but need a little bit of updating on their style choices

Been scraping the bottom of that supermarket gel wishing you had something that worked for your do, but was easy to use. Introducing some essential EVO Haircare solutions from The Ritualist Hair Expert Michael Johnson, to counter your daily hair styling woes. 

Dream Hair #1 – You’re looking for ultra matte texture, no shine and a long lasting finish.

EVO Cassius Cushy Clay available now at


Check out EVO Haircare Cassius Clay, the builder’s bog of haircare and the essential tool to get freshly clean hair sufficiently dirty again (well, enough to look cool but without the smell and scalp issues…)

Simply work a fingernail amount through your hands really well to distribute evenly and warm up the product. Then, apply to dry hair (or towel dried…but come on, dry hair is much much easier to style fellas). Start always from the back, then the sides, then the top and lastly, if any product is left – apply to the front.

HOT TIP!!  Spend more than thirty seconds with this baby and you are overkilling it. Okay you need to leave now. No seriously, step away from that mirror!



Dream Hair #2 – You’re looking for an ultra natural, ‘I don’t wear hair product’ look but you actually want the hold, texture and movement of a hair product. Yes, you’re insane.

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But never fear you nutbag! Instead try some EVO Haircare Casual Act in that barnet of yours! Apply a small amount through towel dried or dry hair to give your look that textured or smooth control without looking like you’ve attacked the pot of gel in the office bathroom.

HOT TIP!! This is my curly hair go to  product to kill the frizz of clean curls without overdoing it with greasy waxes!



Dream Hair #3 – You used to love Bed Head Manipulator, but you’re too old for that shit now

*Note: asking someone else if this applies to you is advised

Perfect for those who loved Bed Head Manipulator but need a little bit of updating on their style choices


Get fantastic separation in your hair but without the stickiness of those early naughties, ‘spikey’ looks with EVO Haircare Crop Strutters Construction Cream! Apply a small amount to dry hair (see above for the ritual to do this in…NEVER FRONT FIRST!) and get on with the rest of your day. This one can feel a little bit sticky going in but once it dries, it has a really nice middle of the ground finish – not too much hold, not too matte and dry looking, not too greasy. You can go ahead and set it a bit with a hairspray – I like this one!

HOT TIP!! This is my favourite product for guys with thicker hair who find that ultra-matte products don’t give them any visible texture (ie: they just make their hair look like a dry mushroom…)

Dream Hair #4 – You don’t mess around and want all-day strong hold and matte texture.

A.k.a. this shit doesn’t move! Also, it’s conveniently helmet-proof.Mens style advisor Michael Johnson



Why mess around with movement when you can have a natural look, with a concrete feel? Helmet, gym and sweat proof is the name of the game with EVO Haircare Box’O’Bollox, my personal all round favourite and our best seller at The Ritualist!

HOT TIP!! Dry this back in with a hairdryer and it literally becomes a different product, akin to Casual Act but with more hold!