Expert Grooming Tips for winter – Triumph & Disaster x The Ritualist

Expert Grooming Tips for winter – Triumph & Disaster x The Ritualist
May 13, 2015 Michael Johnson

Winter Skin Woes! Now most of our gents are on top of their skin ritual but we wanted to offer some expert grooming tips your skin this season just in case winter is getting out of hand.

Our winter skin is a fragile thing. Cold air, relentless winds and ubiquitous heat pumps all contribute to giving your skin a hard time over the colder months. Cold weather reduces body temperature, which means we produce less natural skin oil, this means dry, dry, dry irritable skin.

Here are The Ritualist and Triumph&Disaster’s expert grooming tips for revolutionising your winter skin ritual…

Moisturise, but more importantly, moisturise well.

Gameface Moisturiser will help seal in your natural skin oils and bolster cell structure using a unique combination of Jojoba, Ponga fern and Horopito that work together to calm and protect you from the elements. Fundamentally we aim to trap in good oils and stop the outside world from having its wicked way with you (well your skin). See all that ingredient name dropping we just did there?? We didn’t call this post expert grooming tips for nothing!!

Don’t undo all that good work by shaving off that healthy skin!

Going over and over the same area with your face razor is literally shaving your face along with the hair. Most common cause of ineffective shaving?? Nope, it’s not your razor being blunt. Old school barbers work a really thick layer of quality cream (from a jar boys…ditch the can – whoever cleans the sink/shower will thank you for it) before even attempting the face shave.

Expert Grooming Tips from Michael Johnson at The Ritualist and Triumph&Disaster

Grab your Triumph&Disaster Badger Shaving Brush and run under hot water (yes just buy it, no it isn’t too expensive, no cheap ones don’t work). Then, lather up the brush with 1-2 twirls around the Old Fashioned Shave Cream jar before applying to your face.

Now here’s where the brush comes into its own – make circular movements and use relatively fast strokes to build up a lather. Do this for at least 2 minutes because you are lifting the hairs away from the skin making them perfectly prepped to be razored off as close as can be. Run your razor under hot water or fill the sink with hot water and take slow even strokes, one time per section, washing the razor after each stroke. No more stabs and jabs and no more bleeding neck!!

Expert Grooming Tips from The Ritualist x Triumph and Disaster

Things to Avoid

1. Keep your showers short – Hot water strips your skin of natural oils and causes dehydration of the skin. Remember a hot shower is a rare thing for most of the world, so keep them snappy and at the same time look after your skin.

2. ‘Skincare’ products containing alcohol or synthetic chemicals (an oxymoron if ever there was one). These are the skins natural enemies and you deserve better. Alcohol will strip your skin and leave you looking tired and withered. Synthetic chemicals are made from many things including petroleum – That’s petrol. Would you rub petrol on your skin for a healthy glow? Tread carefully.


That’s it for our expert grooming tips! Hit any of the links in the article to read more about taking care of your skin and if you’d like more info on the research behind the Triumph & Disaster range or anything else get in touch via our contact form!


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