Free Gift With Purchase $150 | Mother’s Day Sale | The Ritualist

Free Premium Gift Options With Every Purchase of $150 or more

We all love freebies right, but why not spend a little bit extra and lord your PREMIUM GIFT (and extra freebie) over your siblings on a budget?

Here at The Ritualist we want to reward you for looking after your Mum so well. This Mother’s Day when you spend $150 or more you get to choose one from the following best selling premium items absolutely free.

Yup, that’s right, you spent more money which makes you a better child! Imagine the look on your sibling’s face when you arrive to Mother’s Day lunch, sashay your way past their stale old box of chocolates and present your PREMIUM gift. All the while chuckling at the free gift you swindled for yourself in the process. Basically, you win at life. The End.

Yes, life isn’t a competition. I mean, hell, you could even go in and split the $150 between your siblings. But let’s just remember that for many of us there is an inheritance to consider here. After you have slaved away looking after her in her old age do you want Mum thinking: “remember how the kids love to split everything? I know, I’ll just split everything between them” when she is writing out her will? You didn’t do all that extra caring for nothing right?

We didn’t think so.

Oh, did we mention Free Shipping and our amazing Mother’s Day Gift Packs? Yup, we’re pretty much your answer to Mother’s Day. You’re Welcome!

Love Team Ritualist


P.S. You’ll be able to select your free gift once you checkout so don’t get all panic-attacked if you don’t see the free gift immediately…no really…we promise…no trust us.