Gay Dads on Mother’s Day | The Ritualist Loves Modern Families

Gay Dads on Mother’s Day | The Ritualist Loves Modern Families
April 20, 2016 Michael Johnson


So this year I have been reading a lot about gay dads, thinking about ways that we can improve our business and hopefully inspire trends that contribute more than just your hair and beauty routine. For any of you who know me, or who have been forced to listen to my latest diatribe on women’s rights/gay rights/racism/patriarchy etc etc then you know that I have a passion for people and want to constantly challenge the status quo.

It was this, arguable annoying, quality in me that inspired me to start The Ritualist. I looked at my industry and hated what I saw: big brand bullies colluding together to sell you things you don’t need, at prices they forced retailers to maintain, all while profiting on just how shameful about yourself they could make you feel. So I went and tested thousands of products from hundreds of brands (no really, those figures are accurate) to form my own shortlist of products that really do what they promise and are easy to use (for you guys, not me or other trained hair stylists). I’m really proud of what we’ve been able to achieve and every day I am working on ways to bring you guys an even better experience, in store or online.

So with Mother’s Day approaching, I thought to myself, what the hell are the gay dads, single dads, single grandfathers and perhaps even sibling-as-parent family models (these are all off the top of my imagination, so please don’t be upset if I have missed your family out here) doing for Mother’s Day? So I went and read lots of great articles (see the bottom of this blog for links) about the many different ways that Dads can celebrate Mother’s Day with their kids.

So it was a no brainer for us to include Dad’s on Mother’s Day. You can check out our Dad’s Amazing Grooming Kit for a gift idea, but more than selling products (I really don’t care if this sells or not) I hope that our inclusion of Dad’s and the slide on the homepage reminds people that there are lots of different ways to have a family and to perhaps try to be a bit more inclusive in our approach at school, work or otherwise. For gay parents, this time of year can be one of those unexpected moments of stress, so they need your support.


Wishing all the Mums and Dads a wonderful Mother’s Day in May and can’t wait to hear all about it when I speak to you guys next!





P.S. If you have any other ideas for us for upcoming promos or events or collaborations, we would love to hear your feedback! Shoot me an email here.


P.P.S. Check out these great articles that I really enjoyed re: Gay Dads on Mother’s Day:

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