Kester Black

Kester Black Nail Polish

Australian made and cruelty free accredited

Kester Black is a brand that comes from Melbourne Australia, founded by the beautiful, New Zealand born, Anna Ross. With a strong commitment to producing products that are cruelty free, sustainable and made without dangerous chemicals, Kester Black Nail Polish has quickly become one of the top nail polish brands available in the market (locally and overseas) today. The Kester Black Nail Polish range follow what’s called the “Five Free” formula, meaning it’s free of the top 5 dangerous chemicals found in most other nail polish brands, which are Toluene, DBP,  Camphor, Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde Resin. We’ll let you google what those nasty chemicals can do to your health! 🙂

The Kester Black Nail Polish are professional quality, chip-resistant nail polish and come in colours that are on-trend, lilac, coral, acid yellow to name a few. And in 2014, with a collaboration with Trophy Wife’s Chelsea Bagan, Kester Black have come up with new wonderful colours with genius names: Prenup, Sugar Daddy, Gold Digger, etc. How good is that?