Kryolan Professional Makeup




Kryolan Professional Make-Up began in 1945 in Berlin, West Germany.  It was, and still is, a family-owned business with operations spread across all areas of cosmetic formulation, manufacture and world-wide sales to the professional cosmetic market in over 85 countries.

Kryolan is renowned for its vast product range, high quality, and depth of pigments. It is the oldest and true professional makeup brand used by makeup artists around the globe due to its premium quality and durability. The brand has strong cult following amongst makeup artists and everyday women who prefers true premium grade products. It is also widely used in makeup colleges for training the next generation of makeup artists, and everyday modern women have come to love Kryolan products for their own use.

Kryolan branded stores can be found in London, Berlin, San Francisco, Dubai and many other leading cities in the world.

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