Mens Hair Styles Spring/Summer 2016

Mens Hair Styles Spring/Summer 2016
November 8, 2015 Winston Ang

How-to: Mens Hair Styles this Summer

The long winter is now over, so guys it’s time you give up your Game of Thrones, Jon Snow-esque hair and stepped up your hair game! Don’t get me wrong, the Lord Commander’s dreamy locks makes both men and women swoon, but when the weather becomes warmer, you really want something that’s easier to maintain and more comfortable to wear. Check out our guide for mens hair styles for the upcoming season and make sure that your Spring/Summer look is on point!

Slightly Messy Quiff

Forget preppy, and embrace a relaxed, up-for-summer-adventure vibe. Warmer months mean humidity, which can lead to unruliness especially if you have thick, curly hair, so why not just go with it and keep the hair simple but still stylish. The key to these mens hair styles, is that you want the sides to be short and tidy but the front section of the hair needs to be slightly longer. At the same time to make it easier to style at home, ask your hairdresser to take out some volume from the top.


  1. With your hair completely clean after shampoo and towel dried, prep the hair with a styling lotion such as the label.m Protein Spray. The protein spray is not only good to prime the hair for styling, it also keeps the moisture in and helps to shield the hair from heat damage.

    label.m protein spray

    label.m protein spray

  2. Next, install the directional nozzle on your hairdryer and set it to its hottest temperature setting. Blow-dry the hair using a paddle brush or a vented round brush by sweeping the hair from one side across to the other side. Make sure that you follow the nozzle very closely with the brush.
  3. When it’s about 50% dry, repeat the method but this time going the opposite direction.
  4. Go over it again in both directions to give it a final blow-dry and to make sure that it’s completely dry. At this point, you should have created a lift in your hair. Now it’s ready to be styled!
  5. With these sorts of mens hairstyles, it is best to opt for a styling clay because it will provide the right hold and more importantly it will be malleable – so you can adjust and restyle your hair at any point. Scoop out the product with your finger and work the product evenly throughout. Both the Triumph and Disaster Coltrane Clay and the EVO Cassius Clay work well.

Triumph and Disaster Coltrane ClayEVO Cassius Cushy Clay

Undercut with Slicked Back Hair

Even though mens hair styles tend to overlap and this is a little similar to our previous look, we love the undercut so much that we think it deserves its own category. The main difference is that the hair is slicked back and finish with a product that is slightly shiny. Think of Ivy League University alum at a polo sporting event.


  1. Follow the methods as above but
  2. Style with a product that provides normal hold and a bit of shine. The Max Wax is perfect for this.


Read on for more Mens Hair Styles

Short Fade Hair

The classic low maintenance short fade hair! Perfect for those guys who are always on the go and active adventurers on the weekends. The fade is achieved by having the hair on the sides and back of the head tapered in length gradually until no more hair is left on the skin. This is also an excellent cut for anyone who want to take back control of unruly thick or curly hair and hence is still one of the most popular mens hair styles around for this season.


  1. Wash hair to get rid of excess oily sebum from the scalp. The Wella SP Men Refresh Shampoo is the product we recommend to our male clients. It cleanses the hair and scalp gently, plus it already has a conditioning agent so there is no need for a conditioner! Perfect for those guys who don’t like the idea of having to use conditioner.

    wella sp men refresh shampoo

    Wella SP Men Refresh Shampoo

  2. Blast dry completely with a hair dryer.
  3. Use a lightweight grooming cream or texturiser with a matte finish. The Wella SP Men Texturiser Matte Paste is a great product, in that it is never sticky and provides just the right amount of hold with a matte finish.

    wella sp men textured style

    Wella SP Men Textured Style Matte Paste

There you go, our short but sweet men’s hair inspiration for summer/spring 2016!

Come visit us at our Paddington location, and let our Creative Director Michael Johnson, Hair Expo Men’s Hairdresser of the Year 2015 nominee, do your next haircut!

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