Australia’s Next Top Model Makeover Commentary

Australia’s Next Top Model Makeover Commentary
May 21, 2015 Michael Johnson

Next Top Model Makeover Episode: Our Faves!

So we want to keep you updated as it happens so here are our official favourites from the next top model makeover episode screening as we speak!


We thought that Jess’s hair colour was divine and Joh Bailey’s team outdid themselves on this one. We are loving vibrant fruity coppers for winter to revive pale skin in the colder months. If you want to opt for this shade, make sure you maintain it with the appropriate home care. For this, you can’t go past Evo Fabuloso Copper – essential for any of you who favour the brighter hues in hair!

Next up we also loved the bob that was worked on Phoebe – we think the shape is stunning on Pheobe’s face and really sets her apart from the rest! This next top model makeover did not disappoint!


So there are our favourite makeovers – tell us what you think!

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