Our Hair & Beauty Playground – Now Open in Paddington!

Our Hair & Beauty Playground – Now Open in Paddington!
September 3, 2015 Winston Ang


Yes Ritualist devotees, you spoke and we listened!

We have now opened Australia’s first beauty playground that actually delivers on the promise of being a space where you can come try everything out first hand and have experts at your bec and call to show you all those hair and beauty tricks of the trade!

Don’t know how to do curls with your straightening iron?? We’ll teach you the full proof easy way!

Hate having to manage your mane in the mornings and look presentable for the office? How about coming in so one of our experts can teach you a 5 minute updo that’ll work on ANY hair type!

Have no idea what you want but hating life every morning in the bathroom when you spend hours of hard earned coffee/breakfast/reading time desperately fighting your locks? You need to come and see us immediately – NO ONE should ever have to spend more than 5-10 minutes on any hair style before work!

Check out the progress on the @theritualistau instagram and come and visit us at:


230 Glenmore Road

Paddington NSW 2021

(02) 9368 1181


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