Perfect Hair on a Budget | The Ritualist Expert Edit

Perfect Hair on a Budget | The Ritualist Expert Edit
August 18, 2016 Michael Johnson
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So we all seem to be penny pinching these days, and in times of frugality, your hair and beauty ritual is often the first place you’ll look to make a cut!

Sadly, what most people don’t know (because your salon professionals, cosmetics salespeople and beauty editors aren’t telling you) is that you can absolutely have perfect hair that’ll fit into most tightly worked savings regimes.

Be it a few product tweaks or changing up your look to accommodate a lower maintenance alternative, here is our guide to expensive looking hair (at a fraction of the cost).

1. Swap your luxury shampoo and conditioner for a more affordable alternative

Now I am not talking about hitting the half off bin at your local Chemist or dragging yourself around the supermarket trying to find the least offensive offering. Did you know that salon professional shampoo and conditioner can actually be as affordable as supermarket alternatives? idHAIR Elements shampoo and conditioner is my absolute ‘go-to’ for a luxury, low-chemical and green certified formulation that performs as well as any mid range salon product and retails for only $29.95 for 500ml (effectively $15 for the same amount as your high end ‘poo).

What is in the price difference then?

What you pay for in cosmetics, much like in pharmaceuticals, is ingredients and research and development, or the sophistication of the product’s technology. Every brand is trying to recover their R&D costs in a bottle of haircare and if they are using expensive ingredients to boot, well you are going to be paying for them. Thankfully, in idHAIR, much like IKEA, we have those Scandanavian geniuses to provide us with high quality, low cost and sustainable haircare that I rate on performance against our most premium brands.

Perfect as an alternative to….

Alterna Caviar/Ten ($50-$60), Kerastase ($40-$50) (plus idHAIR is a low chemical offering which Kerastase simply does not/will not offer), Shu Uemera ($60-$70), Truffle by Fuente ($200+), Bumble and Bumble ($40-$60).

Shop the idHAIR Range

2. Colour less, without losing any richness and shine

We always here the same complaints from our clients – why, oh why, must professional colour services fade so quickly? Unfortunately, as amazing as this great country of ours is, we are super prone to colour fade due to our love of the ocean, exposure to UV (even in winter peeps) and often terrible water conditions.

So what can you do about it?

Rather than going to the salon for another colour touch up, refresh your own colour at home while giving yourself a deep conditioning treatment using our very own Colour Perfect range by The Ritualist. Developed to outlast the competitors, the range features on trend shades and gives lasting colour and shine that lasts 8-10 shampoos in just 5 minutes! While it isn’t an answer for grey coverage, we think the incredible pigment deposit and lasting power is definitely an option to distract attention away from those roots, and who doesn’t need a bit more shimmer in winter?

Perfect as an alternative to….

Professional hair colour every 4-6 weeks (we say stretch your colourist appointments out to every 8 weeks and see what a once a week Ritualist Colour Perfect can do for you!). Stronger conditioning effect and pigment retention than evo, idHAIR Colour Bomb and Directions.

A Must Have For….

Any blondes that hate brassiness (check out Platinum Ice!!) and anyone that wants to try a colour change without the commitment – you can simply pop the Pure Chocolate right over your blonde hair and test the waters with a shampoo out colour holiday!

Grab your Colour Perfect from The Ritualist

2. Embrace second-day hair, for beachy tousled perfection!

Okay so even as I am writing this I am afraid of what some of you (and you know who you are) are going to do with it. This does not mean giving up on hygiene altogether ladies!! But washing your hair everyday isn’t just bad for your hair, the environment and your purse, but have you ever considered that messy, next-day hair could look fab on you?

How to get BOHO not HOBO…

This is all about dry shampoo and yes, it is true, not all dry shampoos are made equal. We have tested all of your supermarket faves up against our final selection and we have to tell you, the old Batiste on special isn’t going to cut it. The main difference is in the powder that is used – our faves opt for translucent Japanese rice flour and ultra fine talc, where the old supermarket special will have you looking like your in a bad theatre production, playing an elderly character.

Definitely use quality and use less here and opt for a Brunette Dry Shampoo if you have darker locks.

Oh and the trick with dry shampoo is this: the powder soaks up the oil which means it clumps and clogs with the oil from your scalp right? So you must must must must must BRUSH YOUR DRY SHAMPOO OUT OF YOUR HAIR WITH A BRISTLE BRUSH. Please don’t be one of those (many) ladies who think that clumpy, powdery, dandruff-looking scalps are so much better than a greasy scalp alternative!

For a fabulous brush that we have a limited supply of (hence the super cheap price, they’ve stopped making these and we bought out the supplier in a clearance sale) try the Taylor Madison X Brushworx Pocket Brush – fabulous for any handbag and/or office desk and a great way to smooth frizz taking you from day to night!

Dry Shampoos That Work

And Most Importantly….

Stock up when your favourite brands and products go on sale!

If you check out some of those hair products I recommended, spend $50 or more with us and then type BDAYRITUAL into the coupon code at checkout, we are giving you a massive 25% off to sweeten the deal!

The Ritualist Birthday Beauty Sale is running the entire month of August, but don’t miss out, as these discounts are only valid while stock lasts!


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