Perfect Winter Highlight|MAKEUP 101|VEIL at The Ritualist

Perfect Winter Highlight|MAKEUP 101|VEIL at The Ritualist
June 12, 2016 Michael Johnson

Get the Perfect Winter Highlight a la Kim Kardashian

Winter doesn’t have to be dull!! Make sure your glow can be seen from space, just like Kim Kardashian’s perfect winter highlight can, by following these easy perfect winter highlight rules!

  1. For the strongest glow imaginable, make sure you first use a cream or liquid highlight before setting your foundation
  2. Once everything is set in place, grab your favourite powder highlight, spray your brush with any type of moisture mist to dampen it.
  3. Then to apply your perfect winter highlight, coat your damp brush with the powder highlight and apply it generously to all the high points of the face (just above your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, your brow bone and your cupid’s bow)
  4. Et Voila! Red Carpet here you come!

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