Absolution L’Eponge Konjac (Konjac sponge)
  • Absolution L'Eponge Konjac

Absolution L’Eponge Konjac (Konjac sponge)

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The purity ritual of your skin



100% natural
100% biodegradable

A small vegetable sponge, that transforms the Cleansing moment into purity ritual. Within few seconds it gently cleanses, massages and stimulates your skin which become extremely soft and luminous.

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The Purity Ritual of your Skin

From the Konnyaku roots, a perennial plant from Asia, and used as a beauty treatment by Japanese people for more than a century, it is ideal for all skin types even the most sensitive. It deeply cleans without irritating, better than any normal wash cloth. It stimulates blood circulation, activates cells renewal, and thereby fight against the skin aging process. It gently exfoliates the skin, removes dead cells and sebum excess, and helps in tightening pores.

From the first use, it leaves your skin soft and luminous.


Rinse the sponge with warm water and let it soak up water. Then wring it before using it. Massage the face or body in circular movements, with or without product (Cleansing / exfoliating cream). Rinse your sponge and then dry it by hanging thanks to its cord. In daily use your sponge will last 3 months. Replace it when it starts to fall apart.

Combine L’eau du Soir et Matin, for a better purifying cleansing. An air foam appears, and above all do not rinse!

Such soft sponge that you can even use it for baby’s wash!



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