EVO Haze Styling Powder 50ml

EVO Haze Styling Powder 50ml


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EVO Haze Styling Powder


a styling powder to add volume and texture when hair is suffering from the flop


body and texture with a matt finish

recommended for.

any hair length or texture, especially fine, limp hair


  1. Love this product! So easy to use!

  2. This is great for adding texture especially to keep my fringe in place and also great to add volume for up styles or braiding.

  3. This powder is great and stops any kind of ‘claw fringe’ situations from happening. Love it.

  4. I love the above review regarding “claw fring”. That is so what my fringe USED to do before I bought this. Great product. It does’t make my hair feel oily and seems to create great volume!

    • Hey Michelle – how heinous is the claw? Also known as the “Peggy Mad Men” Season One Fringe. I mean Peggy was uncool enough was that fringe really necessary?

      Thanks for your review and for being a part of our Ritualist family! If you love Haze I reckon you will be as addicted to Label.m Texturising Volume Spray as much as Michael our Creative Director is. It is like Haze meets a very light hairspray meets dry shampoo in a can! Can’t ask for more for beachy texture this Summer! Check it out!

      Winston x

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the ritualist creative director michael johnson

Michael Johnson, Creative Director @ The Ritualist

In Michael's own words

evo’s concept is to create a styling powder to add volume and texture to hair suffering from the flop, but haze powder is so much more than just this. it is the essential for anyone out there with next day hair, a full fringe (see Peggy from Mad Men in Season One to see what happens when powder isn’t around…claw fringe situation) and can be used instead of backcombing for mega volume if you want. I also mix this one into my clays and waxes to add more hold and a more matte finish to mens and women short hair styling. Evo’s powder is our powder of choice because it is great value, doesn’t leave a white residue once worked in and has the best retention in our testing (still able to be reworked three days later on a particularly trashy client of ours who likes her parties).