Schwarzkopf OSiS Session Label Flexible Hold Hairspray 300ml

Schwarzkopf OSiS Session Label Flexible Hold Hairspray 300ml

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OSIS Session Label is a product designed for the fashion stylist. What we need backstage is very few, but very effective, core essentials when creating looks for runway shows where time is of the essence. Enter two of the most amazing hairsprays I have ever used, and one of the first actual scientific improvements to be made to the basic ingredients in hair spray. Both the strong hold and flexible hold contain Micro-Diffuser Technology, combined with an instant-dry formulation, assuring you get the finest spray distribution and no clumps, crisps or 1980s looks!

Why Should I Buy This Product?

Flexible hold hairspray is a must for everyone’s styling kit. It is my go to for anti-frizz, soft beach texture blasted in with some spray and the Parlux 385 dryer set to cold, also the only working spray I am using for building up hairstyles with pins or misting over hair that is set in rollers.

It is completely touchable and brushable…. so if you hate hairspray (whyyyyyyy?????) and are convinced that all hairspray is crunchy and flaky – then this is the PERFECT product for you. I am going to bet that if you use this, and the techniques I can tell you about and show you in my video tutorials, I will have you converted! No…really!


How do I use it?

For anti-frizz: simply apply a fine mist to your hairline or partline, or even directly to a bristle brush, and smooth over to kill those fuzzy hairs but not create shine or greasiness (NEVER use serum for this!).

Spray 20cm away from the area you are targeting and then build it up in layers (think of how you apply a foundation) to create a strong hold if desired. Again, like the strong hold version, if you have overdone it you can simply take your bristle brush and work it through the hair and the spray is gone!

We think it is perfect for you (ahem…better actually) if you love/d…

1. Sebastian Shaper Zero/Plus/Zero Gravity (much faster drying, no wetness or crunch!)

2. Aveda Control Force (muuuuuch finer mist, if you can believe it was possible!)

3. Schwarzkopf Silhouette White (stronger hold than this one – which is good since this didn’t do much!)

4. Schwarzkopf OSIS Elastic (very similar but more sophisticated micro-spray and definitely dries faster)

5. L’Oreal Elnett Force 4 (Supermarket) – Ok Penelope Cruz isn’t selling this one but, as a lover of Elnett myself, I am completely converted and think it is totally worth the extra cash even if you don’t normally spend more than a tenner on hairspray. Oh that and you won’t smell like my Gran anymore…always good!


As good as… 

Amika Touchable Hairspray -but much more alcoholic so if you prefer a more eco led brand (and a fruitier smell) head over to our Amika range via the menu and hook yourself up!




  1. Great product and fantastic service!

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