Schwarzkopf OSiS Session Label Strong Hold Hairspray 300ml

Schwarzkopf OSiS Session Label Strong Hold Hairspray 300ml

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OSIS Session Label is a product designed for the fashion stylist. What we need backstage is very few, but very effective, core essentials when creating looks for runway shows where time is of the essence. Enter two of the most amazing hairsprays I have ever used, and one of the first actual scientific improvements to be made to the basic ingredients in hair spray. Both the strong hold and flexible hold contain Micro-Diffuser Technology, combined with an instant-dry formulation, assuring you get the finest spray distribution and no clumps, crisps or 1980s looks!

Why Should I Buy This Product?

I have been loving the Strong Hold spray in particular as my go to for weekend hair – girls who can’t get their curls to hold all night this is your new best friend!

How do I use it?

Spray 20cm away from the area you are targeting and then if you overdo it, simply take your bristle brush and it completely brushes out. Even left in it is still so touchable, but the hold is so strong that I have made long hair stand horizontal just by applying spray to the underneath! This kind of control is EXACTLY what you want, since as we all know, it is much easier to brush out and flatten a look then it is to try to make it bigger or wavier again, especially when you’re out and not in arms reach of your Blow Dryer or Cloud Nine!


We think it is perfect for you (ahem…better actually) if you love/d…

1. Sebastian Shaper Fierce (much faster drying, no wetness or crunch!)

2. L’Oreal Infinium Force 4-5 (smell is much less overpowering)

3. Schwarzkopf Silhouette Black (aka Black Death)

4. Schwarzkopf OSIS Freeze (much better and finer mist)




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