Triumph and Disaster Shearer’s Soap

Triumph and Disaster Shearer’s Soap

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The perfect gift for men, the Shearer’s Soap by Triumph & Disaster has a distinctly masculine fragrance and exfoliates your skin as it cleanses.

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Shearer’s Soap by Triumph & Disaster contains a high glycerin base, meaning your skin gets the perfect clean without any irritation. The poppy seeds mixed throughout this little bar of goodness exfoliate away as you cleanse, removing dead skin cells and hard-to-scrub dirt particles. You’ll smell fresh and look sharp after a morning ritual with Triumph & Disaster.

Triumph and Disaster cares for the environment, so you’ll be pleased to know that this soap is as safe on your skin as it is going down the drain. This strong on the nose magic bar is the kick start you need, previously thought only possible from a strong espresso or that morning dog’s hair shot of whiskey (ahem, or so the alcoholics tell us).


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the ritualist creative director michael johnson

Michael Johnson, Creative Director @ The Ritualist

In Michael's own words

This shearer’s soap custom fragrance reminds me of the smell of the medicated soaps that my dad used to use when I was a kid for his sensitive skin. The secret to this being the perfect body wash for blokes is it is made from a translucent base high in glycerin that makes it incredibly gentle on your skin. Poppy seeds assist exfoliation and provide a massaging effect that works in combination with our bespoke natural fragrance to create a complete cleansing experience. A must try for anyone with skin sensitivities or who are anti soap-bar (as I was but the thought of a gorgeous black bar in my shower sucked me in and now I’m addicted).