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Richi Grisillo – Get Summer Hair Perfection: All the tips, tricks and must-dos for summer 2015

This year has disappeared, just like the last, and it feels like everyone is behind schedule – especially with getting their summer hair look sorted! In the studio, my clients are all ready for change and have been asking me what some of the key looks for SS15 down under will be, so I thought I’d share my thoughts and check in with Celebrity Colourist and Toni&Guy Technical Director Richi Grisillo for some expert colour advice as well.

Richi, a favourite among Sydney’s A-List, has been busy preparing the Australian launch of Toni&Guy’s latest London collection Lexicon (tomorrow night) while continually evolving his take on the essential summer colour palette. I for one am truly inspired by Richi’s creative direction and there is no doubt we will be seeing his work on some of our favourite style makers this season. Therefore, collaborating with Richi on this essential summer hair guide was pretty much a ‘no brainer’.

Our philosophy on Summer Hair can be broken down into three parts: Care, Cut and Colour – showing you first how to take care of what you’ve got, then a little inspiration in cut and colour to give you some hot tips on what you could have!


Summer in Australia is a time for beach, swimming and partying, and our poor hair tends to be dragged along, abused and neglected in the process! So the first thing we need to address is the condition of your hair this season. After swimming in the pool or beach, chlorine, salt and minerals can start to actively work on breaking down your precious locks causing splitting breaking and damage. Since many of us love to be blonde in Summer, this sort of treatment can also discolour your locks – think brassy or green staining – not the best look for Summer Parties! It is crucial that after you swim you wash your hair with a great deep cleansing shampoo (we love Sebastian Trilliance, available from theSHOP), but before you swim I recommend applying Moroccan Oil Original Treatment, or Moroccan Oil Light for blondes, from roots to ends to act as a barrier from those nasties.



Next it is essential to repair the damage and since it is summer and many of us may fall into a heap and not have time for lengthy treatments, I advise my clients to use Alterna Overnight Hair Rescue (get it here)- this baby makes your locks 44% stronger after only one use! The best part? You just pop it onto dirty hair, sleep while it works its magic, then shampoo and condition the next morning!




As Richi says, ‘our sunny climate will always play a big part on dictating hair trends and Australian clients tend to opt for a more effortless approach to colour, utilising ‘natural’ colour palettes and subtle placement of colour’. This approach, he advises, is the key to low maintenance high impact colour. The new Lexicon collection shows a vibrant and dramatic palette, but as Richi advises, this can be worked into existing colour work for the ‘pop’ effect. Great for a more commercial look that gives you the drama when you want it, but still fits in with everyday life. Check out the stunning metallic blonde worked below in Richi’s own collection shot two years ago!



One colour Richi is obsessed with is the strong golden and heavy yellow tones as seen in the Lexicon collection, which seems to reflect the fashion world’s obsession with golds and metallic this season (see our blog on the Metallic trend at MBFF Sydney here). This look is the new direction for pastel trends and can be seamlessly blended into your existing look to give you instant on-trend inspiration!



Haircuts are really coming back into focus after a good 5 years now of grown out, shapeless locks reminiscent of the grunge era and the early 90s. Inspired by 80s looks and prominent texture in hair – I am obsessed with the following looks right now – think shattered lines (especially the bottom of the haircut), pixie razor crops and the rock mullets worked at Tom Ford SS15 in London. While I don’t want to return to the extreme rock mullet of the 2000-2004 era, I think it might be time to layer again (don’t shoot me for this one…just saying!)



So there you have it: Summer sorted! What are some summer looks you are obsessed with? If you want to know more or have any suggestions for a blog let us email us here!

Check out more of Richi’s amazing work here

Words: Michael Johnson and Richi Grisillo