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Sachajuan contains patented Ocean Silk Technology

SACHAJUAN was born in Sweden, the love child of elite fashion and hairdressing duo Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosalind. This brand launched in 2004 and has been kicking industry goals ever since. Buy Sacha Juan hair products online and discover  a professional hair care use quality active ingredients including Ocean Silk technology, this just means they are extracting valuable proteins and minerals from sea algae which works to provide awesome results. We love that this brand is focused on simplicity and quality, pretty much on par with The Ritualist brand. Give it a go, you won’t regret it.

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SACHAJUAN hair products are unique in their simplicity and function. They rely solely on innovation and high quality ingredients available in professional hair care. Buy Sachajuan Hair Products online from The Ritualist and see for yourself.

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The Ritualist loves SACHAJUAN Hair Products

SACHA JUAN hair products were invented by two Swedish hairdressers to meet their needs as salon stylists. At The Ritualist, we are always drawn to ranges that are developed and tested by experts so when you buy Sacha Juan hair products online you know you are getting a high quality, easy to use salon profeessional product.

The next thing we loved about this brand was the simple clean design and packaging, as lets face it, you want your haircare to look as good as it makes your hair look right?

Thirdly, the products on our list from SACHAJUAN each offer a unique middle ground between ultra luxury and high street, both in their ingredients (1 to 2 key expensive ingredients in each product) and their price point, which meant the brand filled a really nice space where it is a bargain for those who opt for more luxury haircare and an affordable treat for those who usually favour the high street professional brands.