Spring Beauty Bible 2016 | The Ritualist

Spring Beauty Bible 2016 | The Ritualist
September 5, 2016 Michael Johnson
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1. If you’re going to lighten those locks for summer, now is the time to start (slowly)

Don’t wait until November to decide that you need to be a summer-worthy blonde yesterday, instead, start thinking about where your hair is going for summer now! Our best advice for jumping on the blonde train? Make sure you have a colourist that uses a rebonding system in their colour product to ensure that the hair is stronger after colour than before the blonding process. Better still, use your preferred take home bond maintaining kit once a week.

We have tested all of the ‘plex’ systems on the market and despite the most popular and first to market product Olaplex dominating the beauty news, we love Niophlex, which provides for hair that is stronger and more shiny in half the time! Shop Niophlex No.3 Bond Maintainer here.

2. If you’re turning over a new beauty leaf, get the right tools or get yourself to a masterclass!

The number one hair and makeup crime we see too often is when people try to get-the-look from the salon or Youtube video, but they didn’t use the correct tools or technique to achieve the look. So at The Ritualist we’ve tried to remedy this problem by providing free classes every month (see our Facebook events) that cover all the basics you need to know, now all you need to do is RSVP to one of them here.

Of all the beauty lust-haves that are around at the moment, you can’t go past a fantastic pro dryer for your hair and a proper set of makeup brushes for your face. We love SIGMA brushes if you’re on a budget, but you absolutely cannot go past this pro brush set from Rae Morris if you want the very best tools for the job. Will you have to refinance your house to invest in these (they retail at $499AUD)? Possibly, but how much is your sanity on a daily basis worth to you?  

As for that hairdryer, we have to tell you that we have all been blown away (pun intended) by some of our budget options on the site! In particular, this little Babyliss number has wowed us! Wait for it….we have all agreed that it performs as well and has more features and settings than the Parlux 385 Light. For those Parlux lovers who don’t believe us, why not grab yourself a second dryer (perfect to go away with as it is so compact) and see for yourselves? At this price, you’ll only be forgoing a couple of Friday night cocktails to cover it!

3. Your skin and hair needs a big drink before Summer

Winter brings havoc on our skin hair and nails and aside from getting back into that summer water intake, you need to be considering just how thirsty your skin and hair has gotten over the cooler months. Refresh and replenish tired, dry locks by changing up your shampoo and conditioner to one that offers a moisturising base. For this, Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 are your friends as they help the hair retain moisture to build the perfect base for summer! We recommend Wella SP Luxe Oil Shampoo which is great for all hair types and Amika Nourishing Mask (incredible moisture treatment that you can use as an everyday conditioner on all hair types… and yes fine haired lovelies….this includes you!)

For your skin it is really important to be using the right product for what you need, as you need it and Absolution offers the ability to match your moisturiser to your skin’s needs daily! Perfect for those of us who are dry one day and oily the next (yes, our skin can be multiple personalities in the same week!)

Simply pump to dispense your Day Cream or Night Cream add then one or more pumps of the Absolution boosters to give your skin what it is craving in the moment! By getting in touch with your skin’s unique moods, you’ll be able to have the right tools to treat even the most stubborn complexions if and when they decide to act up.

Plus, Absolution is 100% organic which we love and the results are breathtaking – use it for two weeks to notice the maximum benefits – we did and are obsessed!

So there you have it Spring Beauties: our top tips for getting the most out of your Spring 2016 look! Keen on signing up for a Masterclass in our Paddington HQ? Get more information at hello@theritualist.com.au or via our Facebook page!

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