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Sydney best hairdressers, directed by Michael Johnson Hair Sydney, at Studio Ritualist in Five Ways Paddington

Sydney best hairdressers | Studio Ritualist Paddington

Studio Ritualist in Paddington houses the hottest creative forces in the Australian hair and beauty industry and our Sydney best hairdressers approach means that you know you’ll love your look every time you leave our space.

Directed by editorial hair stylist Michael Johnson, the studio space features a unique private space on the second level of The Ritualist’s Five Ways Paddington home. Offering bespoke hairdressing without unsolicited life advice or movie recommendations,   It is all about the VIP treatment, without the VIP price tag.

Michael Johnson’s studio space reflects the core brand values of The Ritualist Retail Concept Store and The Ritualist is a  brand that is a constantly developing destination for all things beauty and styling, and where providing visitors with a totally bespoke experience designed to achieve the best possible results.

After pitching the studio as  Australia’s first ‘anti-salon’ back in 2012, Michael has engineered a fresh approach to hair and beauty. Our focus is ‘lazy, beautiful hair’ that you can actually do yourself at home. No really, we mean it.

We invite you to schedule an appointment with one of our team and experience Studio Ritualist for yourself. You’ll find our pricing structure is tiered to reflect the years of experience of each member and their respective areas of expertise. You can rest assured that each team member has been curated with the same precision as all of our product offerings. Each team member has been headhunted by Michael personally and they represent the very best in Australian hairdressing.

In Michael’s own words, “I would rather have no staff and be running around doing everything myself then employ people who are not up to The Ritualist standard, which requires every member of our team to be exceptional at all of the services they offer. After working with the world’s best in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia, I can confidently guarantee that if you are visiting one of our team, you aren’t getting better quality or value anywhere else.”

You can book your appointment online via the link in the menu or call Studio Ritualist on 02 9368 1181.

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