Michael Johnson

Creative Director

Michael Johnson began his hair styling career some 14 years ago in Perth, Western Australia. Being inspired by the big-city lights of London, Michael booked his flights the moment he finished his hairdressing apprenticeship and has never looked back. Michael is a regular both backstage and on photoshoots and engages the hairdressing industry through education in both hairdressing skills and business. Michael understands how hard it is for his clients to know what to do with their hair; worse still, which products to use and how to use them! With this in mind his passion is for easy, wearable and (most importantly) lazy styling and chooses products that perform to those requirements.

From London he headed to the USA and Canada educating other stylists and colourists for the industry’s largest and most successful haircare brands. His journey then saw a return to Australia, accepting a position as Staff Educator and Premier Stylist at Wink Hair Sydney in the busy CBD area. What he discovered at Wink Hair was that there was a large amount of his clients searching for an online alternative to buying their professional retail between appointments.

This is the reason he co-founded – to provide an online, personal service for clients where everything we sell is something that Michael has rigorously tested and believes in. He can always be contacted if you need any hair advice and loves answering the emails he receives! Michael believes that great hair should be easy to maintain yourself at home, so he has some invaluable tips for our community members, along with key product recommendations. (Make sure you fill out our hair questionnaire at checkout so we can send you some samples based on Michael’s recommendations!)

Michael’s philosophy in haircare, a simple three step process, is reflected in our categories:

First: cleanse, condition and treat the hair (once or twice a week).

Second: first prime the hair with a styling oil, then prep with a wet-styling agent.

Third: Blow dry and thermally style using our pro tools and finish with one of our finishing products!


Michael’s revolution in online haircare is all about, in his words, ‘reclaiming the online space for hairdressers’. He always says that you don’t need to know what to do with your hair, you simply need to get in touch with him or use the online system we have in place. Michael’s dream is that everyone of our friends that purchases from our store never has a bad hair day again – and with the right advice and haircare, he believes it is possible!


To contact Michael, use our contact link or e-mail address.