Hair SOS: Your Windy Weather Hair Fix

Hair SOS: Your Windy Weather Hair Fix
October 7, 2015 Michael Johnson



So Sydney has had a cool change today and to say I wasn’t prepared is a major understatement.  Firstly, my scarf flew off down king street and then when I got off the bus, my skirt blew up and I flashed a bunch of strangers on Oxford Street. I was furiously walking down a hill grabbing onto my skirt, holding onto my scarf and my hair was just left flaming about, a victim in the wind. I hadn’t even reached work and I was a mess. Naturally, this prompted me to write a few hair tips that would have saved me, to give you gals ideas for a little windy weather hair fix.

For girls with straight and long hair, when you’re meteorologically challenged, how about throwing it up in a messy bun for an immediate windy weather hair fix? Even if you are doing this mid-commute, you’ve had the wind’s help to give you that messy texture; and after what we saw on the runways of New York, your hurricane hair is bang on trend! To get the look, I always carry my Pony Perfection Kit in case of a windy weather hair fix. If you’re prepared and doing this at home, I’d recommend prepping with Label.m Texturising Volume Spray on dry hair to get the perfect texture and control. Remember you can always experiment with bun placement by wearing it low at the nape, in the middle or every hipsters favourite, placed on top.


messy bun


For curly types, I think a simply braid or two would do the trick to keep that hair out of your face. If you haven’t already got yourself a good curling product, I recommend you invest in some and Moroccan Oil Curl Cream is a great place to start! Prep your hair with the curl cream, then take an inch section of hair on one side above your ear. You split this section into three and create the braid. You then take this braid and put it into place, securing it with bobby pins. If you’re brave enough you can just have one, but for a windy weather hair fix, two will act as a hair band so tuck them into each other, secure with pins and you’re ready to face the day.




For those of you with shorter hair like mine, we’ve got no hair for braids or buns, so…what are we left with our windy weather hair fix? Bands! The headband can’t always be pulled off, but when done right like Rachel Taylor below, it can look great. To prep my hair I use Original and Mineral Surf Bomb Sea Salt Spray because its great on short hair and has a really dry finish, so it won’t drown out your look. The other great thing about this product is how small it is; put it in your bag and give your look a touch up when you reach your destination!




That’s it for my quick and easy fixes, for some seriously unpredictable weather. What’s your hair rescue remedy?

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